Grower Equity Checks for the 2009/10 Crop Year


The Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) has unclaimed grower equity funds from the 2009 Crop Year’s Reserve Raisin Pools.

The following entities listed below have unclaimed funds.  All claimants must provide identification, and certify that they are the person authorized to collect the funds.

If you have any questions, please contact Dori Williams at the RAC office at (559) 225-0520.

Benny Baca Jaime Perez Sal or Rachel Miranda
Berj Minasian Farm John or Billie Gullian* Seak Ang Hor
Brent or Maria Ferreira * Jose and Carmen Jauregui Sherrie Gullian
Brian Botelho* Joseph W. Cleary Shigeko Mori
Bud Davis Ranch Juan Norberto Batiz Silveno Botelho*
David Song Kor Khong, Lily Leng Ray, Lilly Kam Smith Bros.
Dhamot Vineyard Laura Hermann & Jennifer Lewis Stanley Coolidge
Dr. J. O. Jones Leonard and Olivia Silveira* Sukhpal S. Brar DBA B.S.M. Farms
E. Paul Ellberg Leonel Flores Warren Ihde*
Edna Keener Les Scheidt
Elviro Sanchez Louis Gonzales
Frank & Lena Rocha Revocable Trust Ly Fong
Freitas View Farms Matt Hobe Ranch
Gary Banas Miguel Vidales
Gary H. and Elaine B. Ohanesian Trust Mildred Runjavac
Gino or Geraldine Devecchio Oglesby Farms
Grace West Pat Patterson*
Griselda Gonzales Phoebe Alegria
Ismael Madrigal Ren Barsoom*
J & J Farms Robert Gonzalez
Jack Berg S.R. Botelho*
    * Contact Made – waiting on paperwork